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Your Feedback is important!

World Seeds Catalog is my entry into the world of online marketing. Educating people on how to develop a sustainable lifestyle is my goal. Furthermore, I am a big enthusiast of the outdoors; it is my dream to see the world’s natural wonders for myself and also share it with you. There is a lot to discover out there and I want to bring it to your front door.

The point of this page is, I want to offer you the best reading experience on the market when it comes to sustainable gardening and lifestyle. And it doesn’t stop there; there is so much potential for this site and you as its reader. What you are seeing now is just the beginning. So I am offering the opportunity for you to take part in the development of World Seeds Catalog!

If you have any constructive feedback, it will be welcomed! Leave me your comment below and help me shape World Seeds Catalog to your liking. Don’t know where to start? See what I’m interested in hearing from you below.

Lady Bug on plant. Photo by Bart Christiaanse

What I’d like to know:

  • Are there any topics you want me to write about?
  • How are you enjoying World Seeds Catalog thus far?
  • Are my articles easy to read?
  • Would you be willing to contribute to World Seeds Catalog? (Make a donation, offer words of wisdom to fellow gardeners)
  • What and where can World Seeds Catalog improve upon?

Leave me your ideas below!

Have a nice day!


Thank you! Photo by athree23

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