Herbs & Spices – Harvesting & Storing

Herbs & Spices - Harvesting & Storage

Welcome back all! Today we are going to discuss how to harvest your spices and herbs as well as how to dry it and store it! In my previous post I discussed how you can prepare your soil to get the maximum yield out…

Herbs & Spices – Preparing Your Soil

Herbs & Spices - Preapring Your Soil

Wondering how you should prepare and fertilize your soil for herbs? This post will give you an in-depth look for the ideal harvest.

Grow Your Own Spice & Herb Garden – The Essential Starter Kit

Herbs & Spices.

Today I want to discuss the very popular debate on what is considered an herb and a spice. Furthermore, I would also like to give you an idea of all the herbs and spices you can cultivate as well as their health benefits.