Grow Your Own Small Garden – Easy Garden Ideas

Welcome back everyone! In today’s article I would like to discuss how you can start your own small garden. This article is especially aimed at people who do not have a lot of green space, and I will show you just how creative you can be! Whether you have a small backyard or a balcony, I will share with you some neat ideas to make the most of that space. Let’s get started!

First I would like to supply a list of my previous articles that should assist you if you need some prior knowledge.Balcony Garden. Photo by Nihad Dedi.

What is the best use for a small garden?

It depends entirely on what you want to use the space for. I on the other hand would create a mixture of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

For example, I would place climbers near walls to grow flowers or peas. I would utilize pots to stand on balconies and in spaces where box planters cannot be placed. If you have a niche where a draft comes through, I would place flower pots to give your home a scent in the flowering season. Use all surfaces to your advantage, even your walls and balconies!

To spruce it up you can divide your space into smaller subdivisions so that there is always something new to look at. You can also avoid clutter by adding furniture that can be easily stored away when not used. Furthermore, think of ways that you can use the plants to create some privacy, after all you want to create a space where you feel comfortable in.

Take note on the species that grow in your surrounding area; using them in your garden will allow you to attract insects and birds from the surroundings.

When adding decorations, consider using geometric shapes and designs along with a small selection of plant species if you want to keep it simple. If you are an outdoors person and like it natural, you can add natural materials and bushy plants to give it the no-one-has-trod-here look.

In times when you are away from homeΒ  for long periods, consider using evergreens and species that are hardy.

Rose. Photo by Sushuti

How do I get a maximum yield?

This is related mostly to vegetables gardeners, but the same can apply to flowers, herbs, trees etc. When you are cultivating crops to eat or want cultivate a flower or tree as a hobby, you will be required to do research on it. It depends on factors such as exposure to sunlight, type of nutrients required and how much water it requires.

But don’t stress! If you develop a regular routine you can sustain the base requirements for any plant! Just by tending to your garden you’ll notice the small things necessary to change as your plants grow!

Is a greenhouse viable?

In a previous post I discussed how a raised garden bed can have a plastic sheet covering as an additional accessory. Anything is possible when you put your imagination to it. Having a small garden space does not limit your options! Instead, having to improvise with limited resources can be a great boost to the potential you can bring into a small garden.

But this is not limited to just having a small greenhouse in your backyard or balcony; there are countless great examples of small spaces being used creatively.

Be creative!

Having limited resources, time or space is a great driver for imagination. It gets you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to think on your feet. At the end of the day you’ll realize just how much potential you and your garden have! Have a nice day!

I always appreciate feedback so leave me a comment and let me know how creative you needed to be with small spaces. πŸ™‚

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  1. This is mind opening , i just love this.. i am looking forward to building my own home so all the above mentioned , i have to take it to great consideration when planning how and where my house will be built so everything will be just attractive and smart with the diversity of plants in one space.

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