Best Fall (Autumn) Flowers – Outdoor Garden Ideas

Welcome back everyone! Today I would like to touch upon the topic of Fall or Autumn Flowers. With the cold season approaching, many people will tuck away their garden gloves. I would like to let you know that you can still add some vibrant color to your garden before winter arrives!

Best Fall Winter Flowers – My Top 5

I am looking for more than just beautiful flowers in this list. What other characteristics or traits are out there that could potentially make a big difference to your garden from fall to winter?

Grass of Parnassus – Parnassia grandifolia
In my opinion, this can be considered the most beautiful flower in the world. It’s flower is completely unique, you won’t find something similar anywhere.

Grass of Parnassus. Photo by KTTrainer.

It’s mainly found in the southern regions of the US, in boggy and wetland environments. It usually blooms in September. The sad truth is that this flower’s native habitat is being destroyed by agricultural development and it can only be found in pockets of its former habitat.

Iris – Iris unguicularis
This flower is sentimental to me. It brings back memories of my childhood years. It has a unique blossom that is rarely found among other flowers. It thrives in poor soil and requires little to no soil improvement. Although this sounds good, you will require patience for it to bloom as it has sporadic bloom cycles. The buds of the flower are frost proof but not the flowers, which means you have to cover the blossoms during frost periods.

Iris Unguicularis. Photo by Consultaplantas.

Cherry Blossoms – Prunus subhirtella autumnalis
The Cherry Blossom Tree has a deeply rooted history in Japan, whose sensation has spread across the world. In some people it evokes nostalgia, as it reminds them about the coming spring season. But there are also species that have sporadic blooming periods in autumn and winter. The nostalgia doesn’t stop there; there are even perfumes and treats made from this blossom which is edible, such as ice cream.

They tend to have a paler pink flower than its spring variety, but varieties exist between the white and pink spectrum. I found to my surprise there are more than 200 varieties out there!

The tradition of celebrating the cherry blossom dates back centuries and is known as hanami, which is to have a picnic under the cherry blossom tree. This flower has moved thousands of people’s hearts, and reminds them of the ephemeral nature of life.

Hanami under the Cherry Blossom Tree, with Mount Fuji in the background. Photo by JJ Ying.

PansyViola sect. Melanium (aka Violet or Viola)
The Pansy is a hardy flower. Don’t let the name deceive you. Apart from offering you a variety of colours, it’s a versatile and prominent blooming plant that can withstand cold weather and if treated correctly will pop up back when spring arrives. It prefers a sunny spot in your garden and is ideal for filling the gaps. The blossoms have a tendency to last for a long period.

Photo by KreativeHexenkeuche.

Chrysanthemums – “Mums” for shortChrysanthemums. New International Encyclopedia
This is probably one of the easiest flowers to maintain. It’s low maintenance and its great abundance of blossoms is its attractor. For newbie gardeners that would like to spruce up their garden in the cold season, this is an ideal introductory plant to cultivate.

It is known for its brilliant colours and abundant blossoms. It is not frost resistant though, you’ll have to cover it during frost periods and if you have a knack for cultivating flowers, they will last for more than season. Their blossoms appear as daylight hours decreases, but you can also artificially enact this.

Chrysanthemums. Photo by Digigalos.




List of Additional Fall or Autumn Flowers.

Colchicum – Autumn Crocus

Colchicum or Autumn Crocus. Photo by Hans.

Japanese Toad Lily – Tricyrtus

Japanese Toad Lily. Photo by André Karwath aka Aka

Witch Hazel – Hamamelidaceae

Photo by manfredrichter.

Honeywort – Cerinthe

Cerinthe or Honeywort. Photo by Alastair Rae

Nemesia – Scrophulariaceae

Nemesia cheiranthus. Photo by Julie Anne Workman

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Flowers Look Different to Insects

Did you know that insects like bees see the world in ultraviolet? Ever seen what the world looks like in ultraviolet? I will leave you with an article that’ll show what flowers look like in ultra violet light. Click on the image below.

Flower in ultra-violet light.

3 Comments on “Best Fall (Autumn) Flowers – Outdoor Garden Ideas

  1. Wow! 

    My mom used to love flowers and I got the love of flowers from her but of course like many people, when winter came we would bid goodbye to out beautiful blooms and wait for spring time. I thought that is how it should be especially with delicate looking blooms like the Pansy (my absolute favorite!). Now I know better!

  2. Excellent list Ian, 

    I love the grass of parnassus, didn’t know that it’s native to southern US! Unfortunately like many beautiful flowers, development in civilization will often cause them to go extinct and it’s very sad to see. I have a feeling that if we do not take care of our plant, many more will go extinct this year too. Is it possible to plant and grow the Grass of Parnassus in other countries?

    • Hi Riaz. I am curious about it myself. I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Grass of Parnassus for a while now. If a climate is not ideal for it, I think it would make an ideal indoor plant. But nothing is impossible!

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