Herbs & Spices – Preparing Your Soil

Herbs & Spices - Preapring Your Soil

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the 2nd article on herbs and spices! In this article I will discuss how you can prepare your soil for the delicious crop your going to harvest.

First off, I’ll discuss what fertilizer is ideal for herbs and for spices then I move on to how you can maintain your soil; from sprout to harvest. Lastly, I will touch upon some FAQs that other ask. Let’s dive right in!

Herb & Spice Garden Ideas. Photo by Singkham

Fertilizer Recommendations – Best Fertilizer for Herbs & Spices

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Grow Your Own Spice & Herb Garden – The Essential Starter Kit

Herbs & Spices.

Welcome! In this series I want to discuss with you, what are herbs and spices and why people are crazy about it. In my second article I will discuss how to prepare your garden to start cultivating it, and in my final article I will give insight on how to prepare your cultivated herbs and spices for cooking and daily use.

Today I want to discuss the very popular debate on what is considered an herb and a spice. Furthermore, I would also like to give you an idea of all the herbs and spices you can cultivate as well as their health benefits.

Let’s get started!

Herbs and Spices. Photo by monicore

What is the Difference Between an Herb and a Spice?

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Your Feedback

Your Feedback is important!

World Seeds Catalog is my entry into the world of online marketing. Educating people on how to develop a sustainable lifestyle is my goal. Furthermore, I am a big enthusiast of the outdoors; it is my dream to see the world’s natural wonders for myself and also share it with you. There is a lot to discover out there and I want to bring it to your front door.

The point of this page is, I want to offer you the best reading experience on the market when it comes to sustainable gardening and lifestyle. And it doesn’t stop there; there is so much potential for this site and you as its reader. What you are seeing now is just the beginning. So I am offering the opportunity for you to take part in the development of World Seeds Catalog!

If you have any constructive feedback, it will be welcomed! Leave me your comment below and help me shape World Seeds Catalog to your liking. Don’t know where to start? See what I’m interested in hearing from you below.

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What I’d like to know:

  • Are there any topics you want me to write about?
  • How are you enjoying World Seeds Catalog thus far?
  • Are my articles easy to read?
  • Would you be willing to contribute to World Seeds Catalog? (Make a donation, offer words of wisdom to fellow gardeners)
  • What and where can World Seeds Catalog improve upon?

Leave me your ideas below!

Have a nice day!



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Best Black Friday Online Deals – Frontera Luxury Furniture

This Friday through to the 24th of December, Frontera will have amazing deals available that I think you should take a look at! They have ideal gifts that is suitable for families and close friends. If you are looking for something to spruce up your outdoor and indoor living area or even want to stay warm this winter, Frontera has a selection of products that will comfort you this festive season!

For those of you who do not know, Frontera offers luxury living products for your patio as well as all the baubles that come with it. Have a look below for some examples of their products.

Frontera Furniture Company

So, what’s the deal?

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Smart Indoor Herb Gardening Planter Review – Grow Your Own Garden

Good day everyone! Today I will review the Smart Indoor Herb Gardening Planter! It is a unique planter that ensures your plants grow at their maximum potential. Its most important features are its hydroponic system (water) and light features which makes sure your plant receives the ideal amount of light. I will be discussing its disadvantages as well.

It’s one of my recommended products, and if you want to know more, or where to buy it, you have come to the right place.

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Affiliate Disclosure

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, YouTube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the blogger is making money by sharing a link or product.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links WORLDSEEDSCATALOG.com are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

What are affiliate links?

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I use two main types of affiliate programs:

1. Amazon affiliate links.

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What about sponsored content?

I do not write sponsored posts. I want to bring you real, unbiased information. However, if a post is sponsored by a company and it is a paid sponsorship, I will disclose this clearly in the beginning of the post.

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Best Fall (Autumn) Flowers – Outdoor Garden Ideas

Welcome back everyone! Today I would like to touch upon the topic of Fall or Autumn Flowers. With the cold season approaching, many people will tuck away their garden gloves. I would like to let you know that you can still add some vibrant color to your garden before winter arrives!

Best Fall Winter Flowers – My Top 5

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Fall & Autumn Vegetable Garden Plans – Your harvest doesn’t end in the summer!

Welcome! It is that time of year again where the leaves start to fall and the growing season ends? Or does it? Some people stop growing in Fall or Autumn (depending on where you’re from), but a few people know that this isn’t so! We are going to discuss which vegetables are best suited for the cold climate, when and where to plant these vegetables as well as taking the precautions to protect them.

I hope you are looking forward to your harvest! Let’s brighten up your day for the coming season!

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Grow Your Own Small Garden – Easy Garden Ideas

Welcome back everyone! In today’s article I would like to discuss how you can start your own small garden. This article is especially aimed at people who do not have a lot of green space, and I will show you just how creative you can be! Whether you have a small backyard or a balcony, I will share with you some neat ideas to make the most of that space. Let’s get started!

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Raised Garden Bed Kits – Are They Worth it?

Welcome! In my previous post we discussed the preparation of your raised garden bed, from choosing your site to your material. Today I want to discuss whether a kit (prepared DIY raised bed) will fulfill the ideal bed you have planned. I will tell you right off the bat, that I noticed a few peculiarities with the products I want to discuss here. But they aren’t all negative! We will have a look at variety, versatility and quality.

Raised GardenBed Kits - Are They Worth It?

Variety – What are your options?

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